John Murphy, Charles Harnish (Rusty) and Lem Murphy.
Picture taken at Ellison and Geraldine Shatford house.

This ancient custom of dressing in identity – hiding cloth masks dates far back in history, possibly from European customs and probably carried to Lunenburg by the first German settlers who retained this bit of the past.

The Belsnicklers usually make their appearance on Old Year’s Night or, as modern day has it, New Year’s Eve. Little difficulty is had in recognizing their arrival, as an assortment of musical instruments played violently in various keys precedes any group of merrymakers. Anything goes for fun and merriment on this night, and woe betide any householder who does not try to enjoy these nocturnal visitors.  Needless to, say a small gift is always welcome to help defray the cost of costuming – after all, bed sheets are not cheap to purchase. Young/Herald Archive #vintage photos Accent 6;\lsd

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